Право на месть 2008

Стеклянный трон ♕ Throne of Glass. Сара Дж. Маас ВКонтактеНазвание книги: Право на месть 2008
Страниц: 207
Год: 2012
Жанр: Роман

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О книге «Право на месть 2008»

But with the Soviet Union gone, either the policies would have to change, or new justifications would have to be devised.

It became clear very quickly which course would be followed, casting new light on what had come before, and on the institutional basis of policy.

The end of the Cold War unleashed an impressive flow of rhetoric assuring the world that the West would now be free to pursue its traditional dedication to freedom, democracy, justice, and human rights unhampered by superpower rivalry, though there were some—called “realists” in international relations theory—who warned that in “granting idealism a near exclusive hold on our foreign policy,” we may be going too far and might harm our interests.1 Such notions as “humanitarian intervention” and “the responsibility to protect” soon came to be salient features of Western discourse on policy, commonly described as establishing a “new norm” in international affairs.

The millennium ended with an extraordinary display of self-congratulation on the part of Western intellectuals, awe-struck at the sight of the “idealistic new world bent on ending inhumanity,” which had entered a “noble phase” in its foreign policy with a “saintly glow” as for the first time in history a state is dedicated to “principles and values,” acting from “altruism” and “moral fervor” alone as the leader of the “enlightened states,” hence free to use force where its leaders “believe it to be just”—only a small sample of a deluge from respected liberal voices.2Several questions immediately come to mind.

First, how does the self-image conform to the historical record prior to the end of the Cold War?

There is no space for a review of the record, but just to illustrate, let us keep to the Kennedy administration, the left-liberal extreme of the political spectrum, with an unusually large component of liberal intellectuals in policy-making positions. Air Force to begin regular bombing of South Vietnam, authorized napalm and chemical warfare to destroy crops and ground cover, and initiated the programs that drove millions of South Vietnamese peasants to urban slums or to camps where they were surrounded by barbed wire to “protect” them from the South Vietnamese resistance forces that they were supporting, as Washington knew. counterinsurgency and internal defense planning through the Kennedy and early Johnson years—U. policy shifted from toleration “of the rapacity and cruelty of the Latin American military” to “direct complicity” in their crimes, to U. support for “the methods of Heinrich

During these years, the standard formula was invoked to justify the invasion of South Vietnam in 1962, laying the basis for one of the great crimes of the twentieth century. S.-imposed client regime could no longer control the indigenous resistance evoked by massive state terror, which had killed tens of thousands of people. All in defense against the two Great Satans, Russia and China, or the “Sino-Soviet axis.”4In the traditional domains of U. power, the same formula led to Kennedy’s shift of the mission of the Latin American military from “hemispheric defense”—a holdover from the Second World War—to “internal security.” The consequences were immediate. The planned coup took place shortly after Kennedy’s assassination, establishing the first of a series of vicious National Security States and setting off a plague of repression throughout the continent that lasted through Reagan’s terrorist

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  • Посчитала трилогию " Самый лучший демон" и в ожидании продолжения (надеюсь, что будет это продолжение, хотя и трилогия самс по себе завершна) решила познакомиться с другими произведениями автора. Прочитала про троллей. Автор очень нравится. Особенно слог.

  • На самом деле, начало книги было очень даже неплохое. Но чем дальше я продолжала читать, тем меньше мне начинало нравится... Все поголовно парни влюбляются в девушек, никто не может просто так пройти мимо них... у одной жених, но она продолжает ревновать,

  • Мне понравилось, что то новенькое, а не постоянные вампиры и оборотни

  • давно не читала чего-то на столько интересного, не могла оторваться пока не дочитала до конца, рекомендую всем

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